Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ecclesiastes 9-11
Thoughts of why bad things happen and why we care

I have seen this one thing under the sun
The race is not won
By swiftest to run
The war won’t belong
To only the strong
The feast won’t arise
To those who are wise
The ones who are smart
Don’t get the best part
The favor’s not earned
To those who have learned
But time and chance comes to every one

Why suffer burdens now under the sun?
There is not a one
Knows when life is done
And just like a fish
In nets of anguish
And like a bird fair
Entrapped in a snare
And tender the hart
Felled by the foul dart
So are we entwined
By these cruel times
When time and chance comes to every one

What can we have done here under the sun?
Absorbed in our fun
Or die for each one
Enough that we prayed
And penitence made
To give from excess
Or give to excess
We swallow our pride
Let love be the guide
Our time we will share
Take chances to care
For time and chance comes to every one

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