Monday, July 17, 2006

Love in Common Tongue

Love in common tongue is slurred –
Sloppy spoken, lazy heard –
To describe a football team,
Shade of blue, or whipping cream.
So to show the Love I mean
I use four other words.

First word I say Charity
And you think of poverty.
But I speak of sacrifice
That does not consider price –
Give the depth so raise to heights
Those not blessed as we.

Then Compassion like a fire
But not lit by base desire
But by gentle yearning spark
Moving through each inward part
Reaching out to others hearts
And no return required.

Empathy is love made real
So to feel as others feel –
Sorrow and a joy to share,
Burdens and a cross to bear,
Walk a mile the road to where
The Christ’s hands are revealed.

Grace is how we suffer long
Not approving what is wrong
But accepting those who fell,
Those who never will excel,
Where forgiveness is a well
Quenching thirsty throngs.

So it is with Charity,
Compassion, and Empathy,
And with Grace that I will find
What great Love this man defined
Who I honor with these lines –
The Love my Dad showed me.

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